Music Production Basics for Beginners

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In this series called music production basics, you will learn the fundamentals of music production in 21 articles.

What is this course all about?

This course is for people new to music production, who might have opened a DAW before but need some guidance on where to start. This series isn’t going to explain how a DAW works, there are many courses about that already, instead, I would like to give you the information necessary to become a good music producer.

Is this a free course?

This course is absolutely free! Making music is my passion and I would love to help you on your journey as a music producer too. There is a lot of information about music production to be found online but not all of it is organized in a way to get you started quickly. That’s why I created this music production basics course. On to making great tunes!

Let’s start with the basics

This series is structured in order of importance. We start out by diving into music theory, assuming no prior knowledge. Many people try to avoid music theory but once you understand the basics it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Then we’ll move on to the various types of synthesizers. An introduction to subtractive synthesis will get you started making your own sounds from scratch.

After that, we’ll explain the basics of mixing and the effects you can use to spice up your music productions. You will learn to understand the parameters found in effect plugins such as reverbs, delays, compressors, and equalizers.

We end this series with some music production tips on tension & release and transition effects which are important as they keep your listeners hooked from beginning to end.

I will publish one article every friday so stay tuned for updates.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

Music Production Basics Articles

  • Production Basics 1: Rhythm I
  • Production Basics 2: Rhythm II
  • Production Basics 3: Scales
  • Production Basics 4: Intervals
  • Production Basics 5: Melody
  • Production Basics 6: Chords & progressions
  • Production Basics 7: Arrangement and Form
  • Production Basics 8: Synthesis Overview
  • Production Basics 9: Subtractive Synthesis I
  • Production Basics 10: Subtractive Synthesis II
  • Production Basics 11: Subtractive Synthesis III
  • Production Basics 12: Mixing overview
  • Production Basics 13: Different Effect plugin types
  • Production Basics 14: Mixing with EQ
  • Production Basics 15: Mixing with compression
  • Production Basics 16: Mixing with reverb & delay
  • Production Basics 17: Mixing with modulation
  • Production Basics 18: Mixing with distortion
  • Productoin Basics 19: Mixing Inserts v.s. Sends
  • Production Basics 20: Tension & Release
  • Production Basics 21: Transition FX

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