Giving Feedback

Everybody listens to different kinds of music. Just like some people love to eat sushi when others can’t stand it, there are people who love your music when others hate it. Giving feedback to other people’s music can quickly escalate into an argument about why that kind of music fights with your own musical taste. There is an art in giving feedback as much as there is an art in creating the music itself. [...]

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Get started writing songs on guitar

You have been playing guitar for a while now and wonder how your favorite artists come up with all these wonderful tunes. After fiddling around with licks, scales, and chords you start to feel the urge to start writing songs yourself. Writing songs on guitar isn’t all that hard, you probably already have the skills to get started. [...]

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Getting rid of writers block

You start a new project and come up with some sick ideas. You seem unstoppable. But after a while, you start to doubt yourself. Perhaps this idea isn’t all that great after all. You suddenly have the tendency to hand the project over to the waste man across the street. Why don’t I just start from scratch again? [...]

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Methods for Alternative Songwriting

Sometimes you want to create something new and different then what you usually make. How do you make something different without getting bogged down by old habits? If you sit down with your instrument, chances are that your muscle memory will take over. [...]

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How to stay focused when songwriting?

This is something you might not realize at first, but having a place where you can work at ease without any distractions is absolutely necessary to enhance your music making practice. Making music is a very creative process and requires a lot of focus that should be maintained. [...]

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