Photoshop for Audio with Izotope RX

Izotope RX Advanced Audio Restoration Software

If there was one piece of software I couldn’t live without as a music producer, it would be Izotope RX. A few years back, I had a Wurlitzer recording with a broken power supply that started to hum halfway through the recording. Re-recording the parts wasn’t an option, so I went to Google to look […]

8 Essential Plugins Every Music Producer Needs

8 Essential plugins every music producer needs to have

Every Digital Audio Workstation comes bundled with a ton of instrument and effect plugins. These default plugins are more than enough to get you started. More experience music producers however might want to take it one step further and invest in some essential plugins to improve their productions. That’s why I made this list of […]

Stock Plugins or Third Party Plugins

Stock Plugins vs External Plugins

Each DAW is bundled with a huge amount of different audio processing plugins. With all these plugins at hand, why are people still buying third-party plugins? Don’t they have enough tools to play around with already? […]

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