Why do I need a mix template

Almost all of the great mix engineers in this world use a mix template. I wanted to make one myself for a long time but I couldn’t get my head around it at first. If you are just starting out with mixing music, the thought of creating a go-to mix template can be daunting. [...]

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Stock Plugins or Third Party Plugins

Each DAW is bundled with a huge amount of different audio processing plugins. With all these plugins at hand, why are people still buying third-party plugins? Don’t they have enough tools to play around with already? [...]

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What is mixing music?

Today I want to talk about mixing music. What is the difference between mixing and music production and what exactly is a mix engineer capable of? In this article, I hope to clarify some of the common misconceptions about what mixing music actually is. [...]

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The Importance Of Deadlines

When you start mixing for the first time the process may seem daunting. You have all these powerful plugins and effects at your disposal and you want to make use of every single one of them. You might focus on all the little details and soon you will be working on a mix for days or even months. [...]

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In search for that magic plugin

We all know those popular audio guru forums where people love to talk about their favorite piece of gear. There is, however, one subject that keeps returning time after time and it is often asked by people just starting out. [...]

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