Producer Coaching

Level up your production skills with one-on-one coaching. Get objective feedback from a professional producer and improve your arrangement, sound design, and mixing skills.

Melvin Rijlaarsdam owner of Optoproductions
Melvin Rijlaarsdam in the studio

Private Lessons

Professional advice for electronic music producers. I specialize in Ableton Live and hardware production, both online and in person, in my studio in Amsterdam.

Meet Your Mentor

Melvin Rijlaarsdam is an electronic music producer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with over a decade of experience.

He creates music under his artist profile, Tripodal, and collaborates with other artists in various genres, ranging from Techno to Indie Pop.

Melvin Rijlaarsdam - Music Producer & Mix Engineer

What you'll learn


Are you dreaming about a hardware setup but don’t know where to start? If you need advice on what gear to get for your music production needs or just want some help with your current setup, book a call, and we’ll figure it out.

Tascam Portastudio 488

Modular Synthesis

You’ve watched all YouTube tutorials, but would you like to chat with a modular expert before diving head-first into modular synthesis?


Do you need help leveling up your production skills to get signed to your favorite label? Together, we’ll examine how to improve your arrangement, sound design, and songwriting techniques to produce higher-quality tracks.

Ableton Coaching
Mixer Mellow Colors


You’ve created your tracks the way you want, but they’re not up to par with other productions in the same genre. Let’s dive into the world of mixing so you’ll know how to get your tracks up to a professional level.

What you get

Online Lessons

We use sessionwire to stream high-quality, low-latency audio directly from your DAW. Just download the sessionwire plugin and you’ll be able to send and receive audio hassle free!

Video Recording

Sit back and relax. All our sessions are recorded in high resolution, so you can always re-watch bits and pieces later.

Skip the notes

Music production can sometimes get technical, so we’ll provide you with a PDF filled with detailed instructions, screenshots, and graphics so you’ll never miss a single detail.

Producer Coaching

$ 70 /hour
  • Custom lesson plan
  • Included PDF Instructions
  • Highres Video Recording
  • High Quality Audio Stream
  • Whatsapp Support

So, how much?

I’m offering hourly consultation calls on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. CET (Amsterdam).

Our first call is free of charge, so we can discuss your goals and design a custom lesson plan.

Most production issues aren’t solved in one session; typically, four to ten sessions are required to tackle most problems.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I’m more than happy to help!

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