VCV Rack 2 adding LFO's

Patching LFO’s in VCV Rack 2

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Patching LFO’s in VCV Rack Video tutorial

VCV Rack 2 a.k.a. the Eurorack simulator is an amazing piece of software to learn modular synthesis. When you’re just starting out with modular synthesis, I usually recommend patching your own subtractive mono synth.

In my previous tutorial, I’ve talked about Sequencers. In the video above I’ll dive into LFO’s or Low-Frequency Oscillators. When you’re used to regular subtractive synthesizers, then LFO’s are activated by nothing more than a simple button. Patching LFO’s requires a bit more effort.

In this video, I’ll explain everything about patching LFO’s in VCV Rack 2. I’ll show you how to make a simple patch only to improve it by adding an amount control and retrigger function. I’ll also show the difference between unipolar and bipolar offset modes.

Let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more VCV Rack tutorials.

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