VCV Rack 2 Sequencing with VCV Rack

Sequencing with VCV Rack 2

Sequencing with VCV Rack

Continuing on from my previous post on how to get started with VCV Rack we’ll take a look at sequencing with VCV Rack today.

Sequencers really are the unsung heroes of any Eurorack modular system. Sequencers allow you to come up with melodies you wouldn’t otherwise think of when using a traditional keyboard. In the video above I’ll show you to make a basic sequencer path, and I’ll explain the difference between gates & triggers.

Most sequencers in Eurorack produce voltages that aren’t necessarily locked to a certain pitch. This means we need to use a quantizer to round the voltage up or down to the nearest musical note from the Equal Temperament tuning system. This way we can tune the notes chromatically or correct them to a certain scale.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments down below, or if you want me to create a video about a specific subject.

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