How to add more depth to your mixes

One of the hardest things to create in a mix is depth. Depth is the difference between uncomfortably close and extremely distant. Most acoustic recordings already have a sense of depth because those instruments are recorded in a real environment. That’s not the case with electronic music such as Techno where every sound is recorded bone dry.

We somehow have to create depth by moving sounds further back into the virtual soundstage. We could try to use a reverb but this will often lead to cluttered and muddy mixes. The solution is simple: we use delays instead of reverb. And not just any delay, we’ll use the classic Slap Delay.

In this first video from a series of techno tips & tricks, I’ll explain more about how to use Slap Delays in Ableton Live 11.

Check out this article to learn more about reverb & delay.

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