One Synth One Song

One Synth One Song

One Synth One Song

The holiday season is a period of two months where I have the time to learn new things. It is also a period where I wrap up all the tasks left on my to-do list. Updating software and setting up automated backup solutions are two examples. All in all, it is quite busy for a vacation, but I get to do the things I normally don’t have the time for. It is a time to practice new mixing techniques, experiment with sound design ideas and organize and archive my finished project files.

I will also try to work on a new video series called: One synth one song. In these videos, I record a timelapse of me producing a song with just one synthesizer. Creating a complete song with just one synth is a perfect way to get to know that synth really well. With all these tasks at hand, I will pause my article writing for a while. But in September I am back with fresh new content.

In the meantime check out the first one synth one song video I made a while ago:

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