Your first DAWless Setup

Beginner DAWless setup

So, you’re thinking about starting a DAWless setup. You’re tired of looking at a computer screen all day and just want to get away from the computer and use your hands to make music. That sounds like a lovely goal! But where do you start? What is a DAWless setup? Let’s first talk about what […]

Sequencing with VCV Rack 2

VCV Rack 2 Sequencing with VCV Rack

Continuing on from my previous post on how to get started with VCV Rack we’ll take a look at sequencing with VCV Rack today. Sequencers really are the unsung heroes of any Eurorack modular system. Sequencers allow you to come up with melodies you wouldn’t otherwise think of when using a traditional keyboard. In the […]

Ready to dive into Modular Synthesis?

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