Electronic Music Mastering


Stereo File
50 1x Track
  • Apple Digital Master
  • Dynamic Master
  • MP3

Stem Mastering

4 Stereo Stems
$ 75 1x Track
  • Lijst Item #1
  • Lijst Item #2
  • Lijst Item #3

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$ 39
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Why us?

Waves H-Compressor Audio Plugin
Recording without effects myth
VCV Rack Patches
Subdrop Transition Effect

Hybrid Setup

The best of both worlds.

Stem Mastering

Warm up your tracks with analog stem mastering and summing.

Masteringthemix Reference plugin
Izotope Ozone Mastering Plugin

Dynamic Sound

The loudness war is over! It’s time to let your tracks breathe. Enjoy dynamic masters that make use of the entire dynamic range a club speaker system provides. 

Specialized in
Electronic Music

I purposely specialize in Techno, House & Ambient music in order to achieve the highest quality master possible. All outboard equipment and plugins are deliberately chosen to work in tandem with this genre.

Soundtoys Echoboy Delay Effect VST Plugin
8 Essential plugins every music producer needs to have


Whether you’re releasing for Streaming, CD, Vinyl, or Amos, we’ve got you covered! We make sure all files are up to spec for all delivery platforms including Apple Digital Masters.

Audio Restoration

We use specialized audio restoration and spectral editing tools to accurately remove unwanted hiss, distortion, sibilance, or other artifacts if necessary.

Soundtoys Echoboy Delay Effect VST Plugin

Mastered by

Melvin Rijlaarsdam is an electronic music producer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He creates music under his artist profile Tripodal and works as a ghost producer for various other producers in the Techno & House scene.

Melvin Rijlaarsdam - Music Producer & Mix Engineer

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