Production Basics #7 – Arrangement & Form

Arrangement & Form

Now that you know everything about rhythm, chords, and melodies. Let’s look at how to mold those ideas into a 3 minute and 30-second track. Form Form or structure describes what parts go into a song and in what order. A typical song structure is as follows: Verse A > Verse B > Chorus > […]

How to remake a track

Remaking a track

Have you ever wondered how that one track you absolutely love was made? A producer won’t give away his secrets for free, so unless you happen to know this producer, you’ll have to figure out a way to discover the inner details by yourself. Let’s talk about how to remake a track. To really dive […]

10 Deep House Songs Analyzed by Structure

Deep House Structuur

Recently I started getting into deep house music. I’ve always liked deep house music, especially the more melodic kind. A problem I ran into with my own music, however, is that I began with great sounds and melodic ideas, but I didn’t know how to finish the track. It was time for me to study a bunch of tracks in terms of structure. […]