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Looking for specific, objective feedback from a professional music producer and mix & mastering engineer?

A quick and easy way to progress

Making music by yourself can feel isolated. Your friends and family are not the best people to ask for constructive feedback. Hire a pro to analyze your track and come up with an actionable plan with clear examples.

Producing with Ableton Plugins like EQ8

What you'll get

Written Feedback

We’ll review your track and provide helpful insights in areas that can benefit from some tweaking. We’ll also provide screenshots where applicable and give plenty of examples to increase your production quality.

Written Music Review
Reference Tracks


Send us a link to your favorite reference track, and we’ll use that to give you pointers on achieving a similar result. This could be mix-related but also arrangement, structure, sound, or composition.

Detailed Analysis

Working as professional mix & mastering engineers, we have access to a selection of detailed analysis tools to help us indicate and ‘show’ problematic areas.

Detailed Track Analysis
Fabfilter Pro Q3 EQ Plugin

Quick Turnaround

You will receive a PDF document within 3 days and usually quicker than that. So whether you’re in a hurry for a release or prepping a demo to send to a record label, we’ve got you covered.

The analyzer

Melvin Rijlaarsdam is an electronic music producer with over 15 years of experience. Working as a mixing & mastering engineer as well as having worked in clubs as a lighting technician gives him plenty of listening experience to help you translate your music into different listening environments.

Melvin Rijlaarsdam - Music Producer & Mix Engineer

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Your track will only be used for one feedback session, your track is deleted from our system immediately after and will never be used in any other way.

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