Your first DAWless Setup

Beginner DAWless setup

So, you’re thinking about starting a DAWless setup. You’re tired of looking at a computer screen all day and just want to get away from the computer and use your hands to make music. That sounds like a lovely goal! But where do you start? What is a DAWless setup? Let’s first talk about what […]

The best drum machine for intermediate to advanced producers

Best Drum Machine for Advanced Producers

In my previous article I talked about the best drum computer for beginners, this time I’ll cover drum machines for intermediate to advanced producers. When you’ve been producing music for a while, either with software or hardware, you might be looking for a drum machine that’s different than everything else. A machine that will give […]

The Best Drum Machine for Beginners

Best Drum Machine for Beginners

So you’re looking for your first drum computer? With so many rhythm boxes out there nowadays, how are you ever going to pick the one that’s right for you? In this article, I’ll show you the best drum machines for beginners. Analog, Digital, or Hybrid? First of all, let’s talk about the different kinds of […]

How much RAM for music production?

How much RAM for music production?

A returning question I see on various music production groups every week is: ‘How much RAM do I need for music production?’. There is nothing wrong with this question, the problem is the answer that is given. […]

The benefits of hardware synthesizers

Benefits of Hardware Synthesizers

Back in the day when computers were nothing more than glorified calculators. Which they still are today, by the way, only a bit more powerful. Music producer and musicians had to use hardware devices to create sounds. I am talking about hardware synthesizers, samplers and effect units. […]

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