Send and Receive MIDI with VCV Rack Free

VCV Rack MIDI Output

VCV Rack, better known as the Eurorack simulator, is a free piece of software available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. A common question is: ‘How to send MIDI from VCV Rack to your DAW like Ableton or Logic’. This is easy to do with the paid version since it comes as a plugin, but the […]

Ableton Drum Synth

Ableton Drum Synths vst

Did you know Ableton Live comes with a bunch of amazing-sounding drum synths? In Ableton Live 11 standard and suite, you have access to a collection of 9 different drum synthesizers that seem like basic little modules at first, but they are actually quite versatile. The FM drum synth for example even has a hidden […]

Use delay throws to add more life to your tracks

Techno Tips & Tricks 05 - Delay Throws

A delay throw is a delay set up on a return track. By automating the send level you can create interesting rhythms. Even if the original track stops playing, the delay can still continue which is great for transition effects. Check out the video above to learn more about delay throws and how I use […]

Sidechain compression without a compressor

Techno Tips & Tricks 04 - Tremolo Sidechain

In music production there are many roads that lead to the same goal. We all know that typical sidechain compression sound that ducks the bass out of the way of the kick drum. But what if I tell you there’s a more powerful way to achieve this effect? In the fourth episode of my Techno […]

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