9 Music Production Myths Busted

9 Music production Myths Busted

Music Production is surrounded by myths and general internet advice like ‘use your ears’ or ‘don’t record with effects’. A lot of advice that is doing the round online or even in music education is outdated, and can even affect your music negatively. Some of these rules are created as a guideline to help beginning […]

8 Creative Ways to use Distortion In Your Tracks

8 creative ways to use distortion

Distortion is something you usually want to avoid when recording. You don’t want to see those red lights blinking at you, right? That is often the case, clipping your interface or converters isn’t a very pleasant sound. But why is it that we do like the subtle overdrive of a guitar amp? Or the warm […]

9 tips for sharing DAW projects

Exporting Audio Files

If you are going to collaborate with a producer for your next album, there’s little chance he or she will be using the same DAW. What if you are satisfied with the sounds you made but the producer doesn’t have access to the same software? […]

9 tips voor het delen van DAW projecten

Exporting Audio Files

Als je als band met een producer aan de slag gaat voor een nieuw album dan is de kans klein dat hij dezelfde DAW gebruikt. Wat als je al tevreden bent met de sounds, effecten en loops die je had gemaakt tijdens de demo opname, maar de producer heeft geen toegang tot dezelfde software?  […]

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