Top 18 Music Production Blogs

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Music Production Resources

There are so many music production blogs out on the internet today. Unfortunately, not everything online is trustworthy and bad advice is lurking around each and every corner. When you are looking for help online it is recommended to always compare different sources. There are various online forums where people give advice that is just plain wrong. So, always compare different sites and see if they point you in the same general direction. And of course, producing music can be a very subjective occupation, so always take your own ideas and experiences into account. Top 16 Music Production Blogs

Since I learned a lot from music production blogs, I decided to make a short list of music production blogs that produce good quality content.

Top 18 Music Production Blogs (in no particular order)

  1. ADSR A great site with tons of online courses for electronic music producers. If you like to explore new genres and follow step by step guides on how to produce certain sounds, this site is for you!
  2. The Recording Revolution Graham Cochrane is a great tutor, he really knows how to simplify a subject so everyone can understand it. This is a great site for beginner and intermediate music enthusiasts who like to dip their toes into recording, music production and mixing.
  3. Home Studio Corner Joe Gilder makes lots of helpful videos and he explains everything in a fun way too! If you want to learn anything about music production, go visit his site! Join his email list for motivational and inspiring stories.
  4. The Six Figure Home Studio If you want to talk about gear, this site is not for you. If you want to learn everything about the business side of running a home studio, this site is definitely for you.
  5. The Pro Audio Files This is an awesome website if you are looking for reviews, short articles and lists, and video content. The site’s content is written by various music producers and is therefore helpful for everyone.
  6. Produce Like A Pro Warren Huart is a hero! Go check out Produce Like A Pro Academy, this is a great community of music producers eager to learn everything about music production and mixing. His video content is top notch and if you join the Academy you get multi-tracks to practice your mixing skills.
  7. LinkedInLearning Formerly known as There isn’t a thing you can’t find on LinkedIn Learning. There is a whole section with tons of videos about audio engineering and music production. Videos from great producers like Bobby Owsinski and Scott Jacoby are a blessing to up and coming producers.
  8. Bobby Owsinski Blog Speaking of Bobby Owsinski, he has a great blog himself which is all about the music industry. He has great content about recording, engineering and everything around it.
  9. Sound On Sound Who doesn’t know Sound on Sound? Founded in 1985, if there is one resource that has written everything about music production it must be Sound on Sound. For in-depth reviews or technical information, this is the place to be!
  10. Native Instruments They make astonishing software instruments and samples, but did you know they also write really interesting blogs? They write blogs about general music production tips but they also interview lots of artists which is very inspiring.
  11. Production Advice Ian Shepherd is a mastering engineer who knows his stuff! If you want to dive into loudness or everything about mastering, check out his site. He also makes great mastering plugins by the way!
  12. DIY Musician This is a blog by CDBaby which focusses on independent artists getting ready to release their tracks. If you want to know more about the business side of releasing, publishing, rights and the more practical side of releasing, then this site is perfect for you.
  13. Rick Beato Not really a blog but Rick Beato is a true rock star on YouTube! His motto is: “Everything Music” which sums his videos up pretty neatly. Visit his youtube channel for song breakdowns, composition tips, interviews, arranging, instrumentation and a whole lot more.
  14. Production Music Live A site that not only features extensive video courses but also a super helpful blog. This site is all about electronic music production, and not only EDM but also more underground genres like melodic techno and deep house. They also make fantastic sounding sample packs.
  15. Junkie XL I had to include this one on the list even though it’s not a blog. Tom Holkenborg makes really interesting behind the scenes videos of his daily work as a film composer. Get to know the tools he uses and be amazed by his gigantic studio setup.
  16. Izotope They make next-gen software tools but they also write future-proof blog posts! From technical mixing tips to creative workflow improvements. If you can’t find what you are looking for on this site, you aren’t looking hard enough!
  17. Sundownsessionstudio A great blog with loads of tips and tricks about recording, music production, songwriting and mixing.
  18. MacProVideo I only recently heard about this site and I have been using it ever since. Lots of in depth video tutorials about composition, music theory and music production. It also offers a lot of great videos about both software and hardware synthesizers and how they work.

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