From music creation to live performance


Most live acts nowadays have insane shows. It is quite an experience to go to a performance. You are overwhelmed by a wall of sound, light and visuals. If all disciplines work together, a very tight show can be put in place that fans won’t forget anytime soon.

A strong lighting design creates more than just atmosphere. It enhances the performance. It looks professional and expresses the message of the song in its own unique way.


Are you looking for a composer who offers the musical foundation for your video projects? Do you have a pile of songs written and need some help translating them into music?

Maybe you just want to choose songs from a list of uniquely composed music? Every week I compose and produce new tracks which you can buy at various ‘stock music libraries’. The genres I focus on are indie rock, folk and various combinations of electronic music.


As a band, singer-songwriter or DJ, it’s difficult to stand out among all those other talented musicians. A good way to distinguish yourself from the rest is by finding your own unique ‘sound’.

A music producer can take on many different roles. My most important task, however, is to ensure that your music sounds as good as possible.


While recording and producing music, there is only one thing that truly matters; that is the song itself. Mixing music is no different.

A tight, well-balanced mix contributes to a professional end result and makes sure the message comes across loud and clear. A strong mix makes room for the essential elements and makes them even more prominent.