Music production

As a band, singer-songwriter or DJ, it’s difficult to stand out among all those other talented musicians. A good way to distinguish yourself from the rest is by finding your own unique ‘sound’.

One of my duties as a music producer is to make your quest to find this holy grail as easy as possible. Maybe you are already satisfied with your current sound. Even then it can help to try out new ideas. Because I work with different musical genres and because of my up to date knowledge of recording technology, I can give you handles to think of a new direction.

A music producer can take on many different roles. My most important task, however, is to ensure that your music sounds as good as possible. I had many music lessons in my life including drums, guitar, piano and vocals. Not because I wanted to start a one-man band. But because I now understand how these different instruments interact with each other and the options they bring to the table.

An essential part in the search for a unique sound is the combination of existing musical styles and production methods. Image the combination of electronic music and traditional instruments. Or a rock band combined with digital synthesizers and samples.

My goal as a music producer is to offer options and ideas with which you can distinguish yourself from the rest as an artist / musician.

Do you want to know more about music production? Check my blog for more information and tips & tricks about the recording process.

Some of my work: