Music composition

Everyone is familiar with composers such as ‘Johann Sebastian Bach’ and ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’. Many people still think that composers today work in exactly the same way as the great classical composers. This is however, not the case anymore.

Although there are still composers who only compose music with pen and paper, the vast majority of composers now use high end computer systems. The term composer is also not bound to any musical genre. The literal meaning of composing is: “making a new whole from different parts”. Composers do not just make classical music. A singer-songwriter is also a composer, so is an electronic dance music producer.

Are you looking for a composer who offers the musical foundation for your video projects? Do you have a pile of songs written and need some help translating them into music?

Maybe you just want to choose songs from a list of uniquely composed music? Every week I compose and produce new tracks which you can buy at various ‘stock music libraries’. The genres I focus on are indie rock, folk and various combinations of electronic music.

Some of my library music: