While recording and producing music, there is only one thing that truly matters; that is the song itself. Mixing music is no different. The song is the center of the solar system and all disturbing elements have to be eliminated to get to the core.

A tight, well-balanced mix contributes to a professional end result and makes sure the message comes across loud and clear. A strong mix makes room for the essential elements and makes them even more prominent. Contrast is what appeals to people, it is important that listeners are always sucked in by the music.

A powerful tool for a mix engineer is automation. Because I work a lot with carefully selected software, all parameters are adaptable over time. Especially in busy, modern music styles it is important to make full use of contrast, and automation certainly contributes to this.

Through my experience as a music producer, I know what to look out for. By combining various modern mixing-techniques, I can bring out the essence of each song even better. I also work mainly with software which means my mixes are completely ‘recallable’. That is why I offer 3 mix revisions per song.

Some of my work: