What about those shiny lights?

Most live acts nowadays have insane shows. It is quite an experience to go to a performance. You are overwhelmed by a wall of sound, light and visuals. If all disciplines work together, a very tight show can be put in place that fans won’t forget anytime soon.

A strong lighting design creates more than just atmosphere. It enhances the performance. It looks professional and expresses the message of the song in its own unique way. I always noticed the resemblance between lighting technicians and drummers. As a lighting tech I really feel like a member of the band. Like the drummer, I have to follow cues and know when a fill is appropriate.

A customized lighting design can ensure that you as a band stand out among all those other bands. Consider, for example, the well-known Pink Floyd circle truss. Maybe you want to turn a warehouse into a complete club. Or you might want to have control over all the lights as a dance act so everything runs perfectly in sync with the music. Max Cooper, for example, gives awesome live shows through extremely tight synchronization with visuals.

Because I am not only a lighting technician but also a musician and producer, I can easily connect the two worlds together. Which of course results in a better live show experience. Both for you as musician and your audience.

Some of my work: