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Every live performance benefits greatly from a strong light show. Are you looking for a lighting guy for your upcoming show, or do you want a well-designed lighting plan to enhance your next tour?


Music is a universal language. Are you in need for a fully customized song? Do you need music to complement your visuals?


Music production brings your songs to life. Are you searching for a way to find your unique sound? Or do you need help improving your music?


A tight, powerful and creative mix reinforces the message of the song. Looking for a professional and qualitative end product?

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About Me

My name is Melvin Rijlaarsdam and I am a music producer and mix engineer from Leiden, The Netherlands. I am currently studying composition & music production at the Utrecht school of arts.

While I like all kinds of music, I primarily focus on indie rock, folk, singer-songwriter and electronic dance music.

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My Blog

Recently more and more audio blogs keep popping up everywhere. They talk about mixing, recording and writing lyrics. None of them however really explains the ins and outs of music production. In my blog I try to clarify everything about music production. From songwriting to live performance.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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