Production Basics #5 – Melody


In part 3 of this production basics series we’ve talked about scales and in part 4 we’ve looked at intervals. With both concepts explained we can now start writing our own melody. What is a melody? A melody is a phrase consisting of succeeding whole steps, half steps, and intervals using a certain rhythm. A […]

Music Production Basics for Beginners

Music Production Basics for Beginners

In this series called music production basics, you will learn the fundamentals of music production in 22 articles. What is this course all about? This course is for people new to music production, who might have opened a DAW before but need some guidance on where to start. This blog series isn’t going to explain […]

Production Basics #4 – Intervals


In part 3 of this series about music production basics, we’ve introduced the major scale and the names of the black and white keys on a piano. In this part, we are going to learn a new scale, called the Minor scale and we’ll talk about intervals. Minor Scale In part 3 we’ve learned that […]

Production Basics #3 – Major Scales

Major Scales

In the first two articles, we focussed on rhythm. In part 3 of this production basics series, we are getting into melodic territory. But before we get to work on creating melodies we first have to talk about the system behind melodies. Let’s talk about scales. Mainly the Major scale. A melody is made of […]

Production Basics #1 – Rhythm I

Rhythm Basics Part I

This is the first part of a series about music production aimed at beginners. Learning to write and produce your own tracks from scratch is a tough but very rewarding journey. To become an expert in the craft of music production you need to start with the basics. One of the fundamental parts of music […]

How to find high quality samples?

How to find high quality samples

Every time I open up my sample library I get confronted with this never-ending list of drum samples. Sifting through hundreds of files to find that perfect sample. Starting out with high quality samples will give you a head start in your production game. But how do you pick good samples and what qualities do […]

Can I master my own tracks?

Can I Master My Own Tracks

Mastering is an art form that requires a deep technical understanding of analog and digital audio. Mastering is much more than just putting a limiter on the master bus. While it’s technically possible to master your own tracks, there are many reasons why it’s not recommended. Let’s first start with 4 reasons not to master […]

What is fader riding?

What is fader riding?

Many people use compression to reduce the dynamic range of a track. A compressor is nothing more than an automated volume control. In fact, before compression was even invented, real hands turned faders up and down during mixdown. A note that was a little too quiet could be turned up and notes too loud could […]

8 Creative Ways to use Distortion In Your Tracks

8 creative ways to use distortion

Distortion is something you usually want to avoid when recording. You don’t want to see those red lights blinking at you, right? That is often the case, clipping your interface or converters isn’t a very pleasant sound. But why is it that we do like the subtle overdrive of a guitar amp? Or the warm […]

How to remake a track

Remaking a track

Have you ever wondered how that one track you absolutely love was made? A producer won’t give away his secrets for free, so unless you happen to know this producer, you’ll have to figure out a way to discover the inner details by yourself. Let’s talk about how to remake a track. To really dive […]

Create your own kickdrum

Create your own kickdrum

Making the perfect kickdrum always seemed like an impossible task to me. How do professional producers create kicks that sound punchy and fat in a club? In reality, many producers struggle with creating great kickdrums. So how do they get around this problem? Well, they use great sounding samples in the first place. Second, if […]

Top 18 Music Production Blogs

Top 16 Muziek Productie Blogs

Since I learned a lot from music production blogs, I decided to make a short list of music production blogs that produce good quality content. […]

10 Deep House Songs Analyzed by Structure

Deep House Structuur

Recently I started getting into deep house music. I’ve always liked deep house music, especially the more melodic kind. A problem I ran into with my own music, however, is that I began with great sounds and melodic ideas, but I didn’t know how to finish the track. It was time for me to study a bunch of tracks in terms of structure. […]

Finding Your Own Sound

Je Eigen Unieke Sound Vinden

A lot of artists have a certain sound. Something which differentiates them from the rest. Having your own unique sound doesn’t mean you need to work in only one genre. Your own unique sound will shine through anything you do. It is in your blood, your experience, personal interests, and your view of this world. […]

Keeping Your Listeners Interested

Houd je luisteraars geïnteresseerd

The last couple of weeks I took a closer look at electronic music, specifically house music. While house music has numerous sub-genres, all longer forms of house music ranging from 4 to 9 minutes, actually have a way of keeping the listeners interested. […]

One Synth One Song

One Synth One Song

The holiday season is a period of two months where I have the time to learn new things. It is also a period where I wrap up all the tasks left on my to-do list. Updating software and setting up automated backup solutions are two examples. […]

Procrastinating Decisions

Procrastinating Decisions

It is never wise to procrastinate decisions. This applies not only to writing new songs but also during recording, production and even mixing. A well-known phrase is: ‘we will fix it in the mix’. Shifting a decision to another moment may not seem disastrous. But often when mixing, problems come to light that actually had to be solved during the recording session. […]

The electronic music producer

Electronic Music Production

In previous articles, I talked about coaching music producers and producer/engineers. Today I want to talk about the electronic music producer. […]

Create your own presets and samples

Using presets and samples

After producing music for a couple of years, you’ll start to develop your own sound. You probably have dozens of tracks laying around filled with custom presets and samples you spent hours creating. It would be a shame to do nothing with these samples, right? […]

The producer-engineer

What is a producer-engineer?

In the golden age of the music industry, different disciplines often worked together on a music recording. When labels saw their income shrink and more artists started to work independently, there was a need for a new kind of producer. One that also needed to be an expert on the technical side of recording music. […]